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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH RETRACTABLE AND FIXED SECURITY BARRIER All Made From Aluminium Rust resistance Inland and Coastal No Plastic No Nylon Allows for a maximum strength door Strong & Unique Locking System Locking the good in, keeping the bad out A retractable and fixed Security Barrier ? effectively protects those whose lives or property may be threatened. The product is manufactured with a tough, secure locking system (dead lock and slam lock available) to ensure safety and security for families and workers. Our commitment to quality is evident in the long term guarantee we offer Our all aluminium retractable security barrier has a 20x20mm Aluminium Single Upright that is joined with an Aluminium Flight which has a width of 16mm and a thickness of 3mm. All sides of the aluminium security barrier are fixed offering you maximum security. We offer two types of locking systems a Slam Lock and a Dead Lock. Both are Yale locks and SABS approved. We have Solid Aluminium Drop Bolts to account for uneven floors and allows for a smooth operational barrier.