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Our wide range of fabrics and textures are frequently updated to ensure that we are on par with current trends in the market. We are stockist of all types of blinds, for use in homes, outdoors, office use, industrial use, and commercial use.

Venetian Blinds- Options vary from the standard 25mm option and new in the market is the 50mm option. Venetian blinds are available in aluminium, wooden, and plaswood(pvc).

Bamboo Blinds- Bamboo is available in a string operated roller style, roman style, panel style and outdoor Laguna option.

Roller Blinds- Available in a chain operated roller option, motorized option, roman style, printed option and panel option.

89mm Polyresin shutters - Hinged and bi-fold options.

Vertical Blinds- Available in a wide selection of 127mm fabric, as well as a 90mm option. Can be printed as well.
Printed Options- We have catalogues with high quality pictures, however we can print any pictures supplied, provided that pictures supplied are high resolution.

Security Barriers - 10 YEAR GUARANTEE full aluminium fixed or retractable trellis security barriers for windows and doorways.